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Slimline Free flow Valve(DSFFV)

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DUAL‘s Slimline Valve’s heart is a reinforced urethane or rubber ball. The unique design of the valve allows free movement of the ball. The ball lifts completely out of the flow when the pump starts and allows free flow of liquid without any interference. As the pump stops, the ball falls and positively locates in the seat due to its own weight and back pressure of the liquid. This results in dropless sealing.


  • Perfect sealing.
  • Low head losses.
  • Non clogging, self cleaning ball.
  • Minimum back pressure for tightness: 0.3 to 0.5bar
  • Removable bonnet for cleaning or replacing of ball.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Full bore.
  • Silent, non-slam, reduces pipe hammer.
  • Fabricated valves face-to-face can be altered to suit different types of valve face-to-face dimensions.
  • Simple construction - one moving part.

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